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Anthony Ybarra Music performing


Our Ensembles:

Soloists, Duos, Trios, Quartets, Large Ensembles, and Vocal Groups.

Music Genres:

Classical, Latin, Flamenco, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Wedding music, and Holiday Music

Tony Ybarra Solo


With a wide variety of musical selections, Tony can provide an intimate musical setting for any wedding, private event, or concert. His repertoire ranges from Classical, Jazz, Flamenco, and Pop, to Latin styles such as Salsa and Bossa Nova's.  Never too loud, yet sets the perfect ambiance to any occasion.


This group can perform in many different configurations. Whether it's two guitars playing Flamenco Latin; a guitarist and vocalist performing Latin Standards; a Jazz duo with guitar and bass, flute, or saxophone; guitarist with percussion; or a classical setting with guitar and flute, this ensemble, with it's variations can tailor itself for any event and setting.

Tony Ybarra and bass player
Tony Ybarra playing guitar


Tony Ybarra's Trios have become the most popular ensemble at Ybarra Music. Trios offer great musical versatility and rhythmic excitement without being very loud, but can perform dance music for any reception. Tony offers Jazz Trios, Romantic Latin Trios, Flamenco Trios, and Top 40/R&B Trios. Our Flamenco Trio has become our m0st sought out ensemble, performing the Spanish sound of Santa Barbara 

Additional Ensembles
  • Classical Duos, Trios, and Quartets

  • Jazz Duos, Trios, and Quartets

  • Large Jazz Bands

  • Rock/R&B Dance Bands

  • Vocal Groups and Choirs

Tony Ybarra and Soloist
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